Attacks getting interrupted, when YES and when NO

  • I’m lvl 27 and veteran with all classes, but something I still don’t understand when you hit someone who is attacking and his attack doesn’t stop. This quite sucks when fighting some1 with 2hand weapons… no wait, sucks everytime cause I can’t figure it out. Can someone please explain?

  • Flinching has been bugged for awhile, devs are working on it, more info.:


  • You interrupt enemy attack when he isn’t in the “release phase” (windup), that means when he’s starting to attack. The window of windup when you can interrupt varies from weapon to weapon. When the blow is in the landing phase you have to block or go out of range to avoid being hit. Some people start their attack before you make contact (two handed weapons mostly, also men at arms to this adding dodge ability to get into range) to land hits without fear of being interrupted. Also, as someone pointed out, sometimes flinching gets buggy.

  • Very clear, thanks!

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