Stab on many weapons too wide at base.

  • Just what the title says. I’ve killed and been killed many times where the person wasn’t even in my view to the right of me, and I stabbed (usually with the spear) and managed to get a kill. This seems especially rampant with polearms and two handed swords. I can’t count how many times I’ve gotten stabbed by a halberd when I’m almost 90 degrees to the right of the person doing the attacking. This is also a problem when playing with a team, and you end up killing the teammate your right, when you’re just trying to help.

    It’s not exactly 90 degrees, but I’d say you can probably hit a person about 75 degrees to your right with stabs on certain weapons, as long as they’re in facehugging range.

    Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just me? I haven’t seen any posts about this before, I think it’s a problem, and I wanted to shed some light on it.

  • That happens with any attack, to be honest. I’m more surprised when I don’t connect on a slash where the guy JUST went offscreen to the right with a Claymore or Greatsword for example. The swing arc should be plenty wide enough to hit them, but it seems like once they’re offscreen it’s a no-go. Yet on an overhead, someone will step to the side and get clipped anyway as I follow with my mouse even if it didn’t really seem to hit them. I’d have to agree that pokes are the worst for whatever reason, however, since I remember plenty of times where I ran to the left of a teammate, who’s now offscreen, poked his enemy and somehow killed my teammate too. The only reason I know is because of the kill ticker, since he’s offscreen the whole time.

    So it does happen, and on more than just pokes, but what you’re describing seems to be the exception rather than the norm, in my experience. Dunno what’s up with the pokes extending too far right.

  • Well I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this! It’s pretty annoying. Hopefully it can get some recognition, and possibly get fixed.

  • Problem is if they reduce it too much, any element of lag or whatever could make it pretty impossible to hit anything in combat hehe.

  • Halberd is not a polearm it is a LAZOR SWORD!!! BIZZZZ BIZZZZZZZZZZZzzz. That how it feels like anyway when you can drag it around 60 degress and hit them with the flatside of the weapon and kill them >__>

  • I wish every stab worked like the pole axe, grand mace, maul, ect. where it goes out and back in very fast.

  • @SOC:

    I wish every stab worked like the pole axe, grand mace, maul, ect. where it goes out and back in very fast.

    That would be nice. The time it takes to extend the weapon would have to be shortened to compensate, it’s pretty hard to hit things with stabs with slow weapons without drag.

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