Kick ideas.

  • Hello, I am posting this topic for a new idea. Kick ideas. I think when you have no stamina you will fall to the ground. Or kicked down stairs. “Idea number 2” When you are to kick someone with no stamina there should be a chance to disarm them. A good reason to use fists, and to kick people down to retrieve your weapon. “Idea number 3” When kicking a archer with a bow/crossbow drawn, They should be disarmed this will give a chance to vanguards and people with no shield equipped. Please reply to these ideas! :D

  • I think you´re on to something. The idea of dropping a weapon when an exhausted player gets kicked or shield-bashed would certainly make up for more interesting strategies. :-)

  • I just don’t see these as being viable, and would anger many people.

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