[TEAM] Leadership in Chivalry

  • Hey guys,
    I want to talk about a bit (read “a lot”) about the social aspect of Chivalry, especially the use of teamwork. When it comes to Team Deathmatch, King of the hill and the Team Objective game modes it means that teamwork plays a crucial role. Let´s consider this teamwork as a tool with the same importance as your weapon.

    When playing on the public servers alone, and by that I mean you have nobody that you are directly cooperating with on the same team, you have another tool at your disposal: The chat !
    I wanna talk now about my personal experience when teamwork just straight up won the game for us.

    Most players tend to just walk out from the spawn and sort of “go for the objective”. That´s ok most of the times in cases such as burning the market, the granary, killing peasants etc. But when it comes to the final objective of the map the teamwork starts to matter a lot more.
    The majority of the players would simply run out and went straight up to kill the king, push the bomb cart without even knowing they´re alone, hence sad story for them when there´s a whole team defending :-).
    But there is something more you can do. The mason knight doesn´t scream “Strength is in numbers, stick together!” for no reason. He really means it :D . I´ve had games where it only took an initiator and one or two “followers” that actually read the chat and are willing to cooperate to finish the objective.
    Somebody wrote “lets all meet at spawn”. I followed, we waited a bit, taunted like crazy, bashed our swords against the shields and then rushed forward as one big horde of players screaming like mad-men, the team! We rushed in there, killed most of the enemy team and pushed to bomb cart to the city gate and smashed that! Yeeeeah! And that was waaaay more effective than individuals running directly to the objective.
    On Stoneshill players usually tend to meet up at the fountain, right outside the throne room, or at least I always command them to do so :D . Once we feel like ready we simply go and kill the king!

    So to sum it up I´ll give you 2 advices:

    1) Don´t be afraid to command people if you´re going for the objective 100%. Being the initiator will reward you with the most awesome feeling if you win the map because of that. :-)

    2) Always have awareness of what´s going on in the chat. Don´t hesitate to follow other players orders.

    As a small bonus I want to share a quick king killing strategy that worked a couple times for me and my teammate:

    2 knights - One with the tower shield, the other with the maul.
    Execution - You go close to each other. The maul guy hides behind the tower shield guy. Your goal is to get close to the king. The tower shield guy tries to tank hits and get all attention while the maul guy slays the king.
    The reasoning behind the maul is that I think it is the fastest way of killing the king since it only takes about 2-3 overheads to kill him. :-)

  • Agreed, teamwork trumps all. I was on the LTS map with the open grass field where archers typically have free reign. We were down zero rounds to three primarily because of enemy archers, so at the start of the next round I suggested shields for knights and advised everyone else to follow behind a shield bearer. With the enemy archers now without easy targets, we won 4 straight and ultimately went on to win the map. I’ve also been on the losing end of some really rough games where the other team used groups of 5 or so players moving together to utterly bulldoze our team.

    Hopefully the update fixes the voice issues so we can all easily work together.

  • I just shot a heavy crossbow into a clusterfuck of people and headshot the king. That’s how you win the round.

  • Add team-only voice chat and teamwork will be there.

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