Mute needs to be tacked on players.

  • This guy Strelok kept joining a full server without an admin and spamming voice chat with a soundboard and TKing. Well everyone said to mute him so we did. Then he starts TKing…so we have to kick him because my team isn’t smart enough to just TK him right off the bat. Every time we kick him he rejoins in a matter of seconds unmuted and resumes being an ass. This is a level 32 mind you.

    Anyways mute needs to be globally applied to a player. If I mute someone I did so for a reason. It’s annoying to hit tab, hit b, then hit the option every 30 seconds when you have someone like this “playing”.

    Also wouldn’t it be smart to have a system where if someone is votekick 5+ times in a row they are banned from said server for an amount of time? Something like this may already be an option for server admins but it should be something that is on at all times and on all servers.

  • Yes I agree. Noobs can join again and again and again (And again). :x Time to teach some noobs discipline 8-)

  • Agreed…

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