Weapons disappearing when killed

  • I just noticed that when you kill someone or see killed, his weapon instantly vanishes, i noticed that in one of my videos where i added some slow motion kills,


    at 10:20 is a prime example of a weapon disappearing when someone is killed, can it be possible to make the dead body fall to the ground with the weapon in their hands because i see it happen in first person (09:50). Or make them drop their weapon when killed. It also sometimes happens to shields (11:30) This suggestion would add allot more brutality to it. 8-)

  • Huh this is interesting, I distinctly remember weapons dropping on the ground on death in Alpha and you could see it in first/third person, but come to think of it, I don’t see it anymore. Moved to bugs.

  • This happens only sometimes. They usually fall on the ground but some just dissapear completely. In singleplayer this doesn’t happen.

    Also with sheild’s, if the sheild has projectiles loved into it and the sniped dissapears the projectiles are left floating in mid air. Same happens when everyone is joining he game before the game has started and everyone is mashing each other at spawn. If a player has random projectiles in him then the round starts and everyone is despawned and respawned at spawn the projectiles are left floating.

  • Is this issue being looked into?

    I was watching the recent TGS duel-a-thon and I happened to notice at one point that Total Biscuit chopped Criken’s arm off and the Maul he was carrying dropped to the ground. But other times that didn’t seem to happen.

    I’ve rarely seen an equipped weapon drop to the ground before, certainly not 2-handers. They always disappear. Even tower shields sometimes disappear and that is pretty noticeable.

  • This is fixed in the beta.

  • @Martin:

    This is fixed in the beta.

    Excellent! :D

  • Nice to see that something i reported has been fixed. :)

  • Currently downloading the update…. but I couldn’t help but notice weapons and shields are still disappearing in the actual content update trailer. Are we sure this is fixed?

  • Turns out it wasn’t fixed :?

  • Could we please fix this? One of the biggest issues with the game imo. I play this game for immersion and I want weapons and shields on the ground along with all the mangled corpses.

  • It works fine in singleplayer but not in multiplayer.

    Mind you the weapons do appear above their head rather than Out of their hands.

  • Its rather frustrating with projectiles also. If I throw my jav at an archer, and they managed to get me just before I get them, they should have to dodge my jav. At the moment projectiles aren’t a concern if you know you can kill someone before their projectile hits you. Half the reason you play classes like shortbow is because your arrows can make people run and hide, you may never hit, but you can make them damned worried that they will be hit.

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