[Bug] Projectiles Fired in Third Person Are Not Aim Adjusted

  • I only tested this with the javelin, but while in third person view the game does not properly adjust the trajectory of the projectile so that it hits at the crosshair. Even disregarding the drop of the projectile, the javelin should still line up along the same line on the x axis (imagining if you drew a line through the circle in the crosshair from the top to bottom of the screen) of the players screen. This is most prominent when in the third person view that is over the right shoulder of your character, so that your character is effectively on the left side of the screen.

    This can be easily fixed with some vector math taking a trace from the cameras location and subtracting the hit location of the trace from the start fire location. This could be used to adjust the projectiles velocity or the end point of the trace when you calculate the fire.

    Fun game overall, good job guys.

  • Happens with arrows too.

  • And anything thrown by any of the other classes. Smoke pots, throwing knives. I’ve tested it with all and they all don’t go on target.

  • I’ve posted this in bug compilation but no one payed attention. Crosshairs in different third person views must be adjusted, I’ve made screenshots of crosshairs of different cameras and they all are targeting different areas. This means you cannot properly hit also with melee weapons, cut heads/limbs, or even block incoming attacks. Crosshairs must be fixed, it’s too serious.

  • @Akelaar:

    I’ve posted this in bug compilation but no one payed attention.

    Martin is in the process of combing through all of them right now.

  • @ReMixx:

    Martin is in the process of combing through all of them right now.

    I’m glad to hear that, those bug reports must be fixed.

  • Why only projectiles? Every attack in third person isn’t aimed correctly…

  • @Skalli:

    Why only projectiles? Every attack in third person isn’t aimed correctly…

    As far as the melee attacks goes that depends on how they calculate a hit. If they are using a trace from the eye height of the player, than yes, melee attacks are going to be off as well. However, if they are actually using sockets on their weapons, one at the blade base and one at the blade tip, then it won’t make any sense to adjust the hit registration of the attack. In that case they would likely be performing a trace between the two sockets to see if it hits any player and if so apply damage. Although, in that case the crosshair wouldn’t mean anything.

    As far as melee attacks goes, it really depends on the method they use to calculate the area in which the blade hits.

    Projectiles are just the easiest to determine, for me at least, since I work in the UDK and have solved this same problem that is in Chivalry with their third person camera.

  • Hi guys,
    love this game
    but i wanted to know if this bug still to be fixed one day?
    I’ve have seen no news about that :?
    thanks! :P

  • Yeah this is still a bug that’s been around since the beginning, and no one has picked up on it. This should be fixed ASAP as it is pretty easy (just moving the cross-hairs slightly)

  • hi!
    will this bug be fix in the next patch cu2?
    Lot of people play in TPS and this bug is serious too ^^
    good luck in your new studio

  • In the second third person, it’s correctly aligned. I like this one more anyways.

    However, could the kind of third person be saved (If you press L) on closing the game? :) that would be useful!

  • i use the first 3rd person view… and i doesn’t seem to be fixed. I will test earlier today to check it but i think it’s still buggy.

  • Please fix this bug.

    I contacted a community manager on reddit who told me this bug has no priority since chivalry is a first person game.

    PLEASE don’t forget about your loyal third person players, Torn Banner, and move the crosshairs to the right place.

  • Bump
    This should be fixed by now, I’m being forced to use throwing weapons, bows, crossbows and spears without aiming and basing my game-play on uncountable decisions when using third person…

    I would really appreciate if your devs would take the time to fix it’s cross-hairs or fix the projectiles in third person.

  • Don’t mean to burst your bubble guys, but I don’t think this will get ever fixed.


    Unfortunately this is not likely to be fixed. Chivalry is first and foremost a first-person game. Thirdperson was added to increase its appeal but ranged weapons were never properly supported in third person and this is not a priority for us at this time.

  • Don’t mean to burst your bubble but I feexed eeeet. Check my signature.

    Also read the first few posts in that thread to learn why you can’t reliably fix 3rd person projectile crosshairs.

    Your idea for adjusting your player’s aim by tracing the crosshair and adjusting the aim vector to point to the hit position of the tracer gets close to solving the problem but it ultimately flawed. The nature of shooting in this game requires you lead your target and compensate for gravity which would have your aimer in the air most of the time. Your solution would require you to aim at the ground where you want the projectile to land. This is doable, but the game would have to calculate your trajectory for each weapon so that the projectile lands at your pointer. This would make shooting an arrow nearly impossible; imagine trying to hit someone 20 ft from you, you’d be shooting at their feet. If the adjustment automatically raised your aim to body height then it becomes a cheat.

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