A few (little) bugs - Server Browser, Arena, Localisation

  • Hello guys,

    I’ve read the Bugs Compilation thread carefully and didn’t find two things:

    a) Only happens in Arena. When a player got autobalanced (either by system or by admin) the game can be bugged and you will end up in a loop of Agatha wins until Agatha has reached 7/7 rounds.
    I could only reproduce it once. Just move a player after finishing a round into the other team, there has to be only a few seconds left until next round starts.

    b) According to:

    Can’t save filter “Hide Passworded Servers” in server browser.

    There are more server browser bugs. Start the game, open server browser filter. Select a game mode. Join any game. Play/exit, go back to server browser, change mode in filter, try to find a game. If you find a game, you’re lucky. After changing the filter the second time I have to refresh a 432572875 times or restart the game everytime. Also the filter seems to save the game mode only once until I restart the game (edit: so after joining the second game mode and exiting it, the filter will be back to the first game mode).

    Last but not least:

    No console key mapping for regional keyboards.

    I have to disagree here. I’m using a German keyboard and wrote with some German guys, everybody has a standard key for console (called “ö” here). Don’t know about other languages though.

    According to localisation:
    Well, the German translation is good but the words that are used are often too long for the interface.
    I would recommend using more English than German words. I could take a screenshot later if you want me to do so. Some words really don’t need to be translated (like “Assists” > translation is way too long).

  • b is definitely a bug. Its really annoying. I need up just restarting the game if i change more Than Two server filters.

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