Stoneshill Flying catapult

  • hey there
    I was playing TO on stoneshill and was using the catapult. an enemy came near and I believe he hit me but I wasn’t quite off the catapult, but standing on invisible ground really high in the air. I got off it and got back to the ground and the catapult wasn’t there, though the collision worked. the guy killed me and when I got back I found the answer to what really happened. the catapult was flying :)
    now I could get near its usual spot and hit E (though I didnt get the usual ‘press E to use’ tooltip) and when getting on the catapult again I was flying with it. the fired rocks location and trajectory was the usual one though, the rock hit at the exact same spot on the wall on max clicks.
    but whenever I saw someone else using the catapult he’d be flying in the air with it as well.

  • Do you remember if the player was autoswitched?

  • Not the first time I’ve seen this.

    On an achievement hunter game fails video someone submitted this.

    Does it look similar to your problem. This is on the dark forest map though.

  • player was autoswitched? you mean from one team to the other? if so no.

    Martin: what happened to me was exactly what happens in that video. however that only happens the first time you try to use the catapult. after that you just teleport to it on pressing E

  • Glad to be of assistance.

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