A few bugs

  • Hi,
    while playing these last few days i noticed two important bugs/exploit and one quite minor (since hard to place).

    1.The vanguard charge exploit
    First you need to enable toggle sprint in the options.
    When it’s done, start sprinting until your charge is ready, then stop.
    You are now standing still. To launch the attack simply press Z (or W for qwerty keyboards)+LMB and the charge will launch.

    The farer dodge
    This exploit will make you dodge a little farer and make you look like you’re slipping on the ground.
    To do this exploit, simply sprint at the end of your dodge.

    Arrow through buckler shield
    I don’t know if this is one is a bug or is working as intended but i thought i’d signal it to be sure.
    I discovered while decorating my shield, that if you shoot a projectile a bit under the center of the shield (but still in the metal circle) the arrow will simply go through. this works while blocking or idle but not when the shield is on the back.
    I have noticed that the arrows seems to be hitting the hand as the stickies are stuck to the hand, even when removing the buckler.

    I hope i have been helpful and sorry for my english, it’s not my native language :)

  • I’ll check these out, thanks.

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