Questions about the chivmod group and reporting players

  • Ok how do you tell what server you’re on ingame and how do you find someone’s steam profile? I have someone to report but I don’t know how to get this info. It’s important.

  • Unfortunately you can’t tell what server you’re on currently, but I think soon (next patch? not 100% sure) the server name will be at the top of the scoreboard instead of the IP (the IP it gives now is wrong anyway).

    To get a player’s info bring up the steam community ingame (shift + tab by default) and click “Players” to see a list of players in your server.

  • Oh nice and easy, thanks.

  • What you can do in the meantime, is click on your profile while you’re in the server and on the top right it will say you are in game and if it says click to join, click that and a window will pop up with the correct IP and port of the server you are on. You can give us that info if you encounter any issues on that server.

  • You can get the servername by typing this into the console:

    getall aocgri servername

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