Weapon Halting (An alternative to feinting to reduce TKs)

  • While fighting in close-quarters team fights, one will often miss their target and end up hitting a friendly. To avoid this I usually look up or down, but this is sometimes rather difficult to do when either your friendly’s movement is unpredictable or you are doing a large, area-of-affect swing. So I’ll often find myself feinting to avoid the team damage. However, feinting drains a great deal of stamina – especially if you have those certain friendlies (we all know one) who keeps rushing into your kill-zone every time you prepare an attack.

    Id’ like to suggest what I’d call a weapon halt. A mechanic similar to a feint that takes longer to recover from while taking either much less or no stamina to pull off. In so doing, we would have the option of more reliably avoiding damage to our aggressive friendlies without wasting away a great deal of valuable stamina.

    Weapon halting could easily be used in-game by simply holding down the feinting action, while feinting could be used primarily by tapping it. As well, the animation for it would likely be easy to implement, as it could be as simple as drastically slowing down a swing before returning to the default resting position.

    What do you think?

  • I don’t agree. Feinting works just fine, and stamina regens very, very fast anyways, so just take a second to back off and regen it somewhat if it’s drained.

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