[team objective]The Royal Escort

  • I’d like to see an escort team objective mission where team A (in the role of templars) would escort a royal carriage full of gold and/or prince/princess inside through the woods in four stages, and team B (in the role of bandits) would try to rob them - holding the carriage in one place for a period of time (like the first stage of Hillside map > signal fire).

    Stage one would go from castle, through plain fields to the edge of the forest, stage two would go from the beginning of the forest to the bridge (still in the forest), stage three would go across the bridge, and the last stage would go from the end of the bridge to the end of the forest.

    Something like that, but the idea could be modified.

  • Please look through the forum…. Suggested 2 or 3 times already.

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