[?] Ascension

  • General Information

    We are a Francophone community of players which needs competition, but above all, play together to have fun.
    Our watchword is :
    “Play For Fun & Whine."

    Region : Europe/Canada
    Members : Around Twenty
    Homepage : Coming soon
    Steam group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Ascension-Multigaming/
    Games we currently play : Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Battlefield 3, DayZ, Company of Heroes …

    About Us

    People from different horizons coming from the darkest places of the web, from porn videos to psychotechnical tests for playing, all gather up to have fun and good moments.
    We play several games, but are united in fun. Here is Ascension!
    We are a democratic multigaming francophone team evolving on several games in a PvP purpose. We are looking for competition but don’t forget to have fun.

    Our Goals

    Our main purpose is to have fun while trying to be the best in every game we evolve in. Our objective on Chivalry is to become the best french team.

    In Chivalry

    We want to gather the best french player to represent our country under the same banner, all around the world and to compete against the best world teams in tournaments, gatherings or other events.


    We do not recruit on application but rather in a selective manner. If you want to join us, you are welcome to add us on Steam and come play with us. You can also join our TeamSpeak server.

  • Hi,

    Lets have some friendly scrim matches, please add me on steam [IO] Hilarious Ransoms

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