Localization and tutorial bug

  • Edit: By the way the problems are related to the Steam version of the game. I don’t know if there are other versions out there!

    Hey there guys,
    I had a rough start today when I wanted to play your game today.
    First of all the German translation is a little bit faulty when it comes to long sentences/words it makes the GUI a mess. There are minor translation mistakes e.g. in Settings->Graphics, some keys aren’t bound correctly. The tool tip said E to change to Archer class (in the Tutorial) but it was I. Furthermore the dialog froze at the archer training. I wasn’t able to progress when the Guide said I should to something with Durk (was that his name?). Oh and when I entered the Class training I was a little bit confused by the fact that I should equip Oil ??? via the key 3 but nothing happened.

    Just some minor business here but at least I got you covered in work, eh ;)

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