Cant find server *FOUND FIX*

  • Hey guys

    Been playing this a while and today it would not find any servers and i have changed nothing at all, i done all the things mentioned everywhere on the net and nothing worked.

    UNTIL i went into "my documents/my games/chivalry medieval warfare/

    I actually am not sure which file in that folder is the culprit and dont care BUT i just changed the chivalry medieval warfare folders name to something else and loaded the game and bam it worked,

    So if people want to inspect which file directly is the one thats cool but just renaming the folder will fix the issue!

    Hope that finally solves the ongoing issue for everyone.

    And if torn banner want to say thanks they can email me a game key for this if they want :)

  • This is a similar fix we recommend. Which is instead of changing the name of that folder, just delete it. But doing what you did achieves the same goal.

    So have fun! :berz:

  • Thats the exact same as the fix i found.

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