New warrior on the field

  • Hello everyone I heard about this game this morning and I’ve already watched every single video I could find, read all the articles etc. I’m really exited and I look forward to the game now. I’m looking for a Clan now and I hope there will be awesome Clan-wars in the future.

    The only thing annoying me is that there are only 32 players per map I hope this can still change.For example Mount & Blade: Warband started with 64 players max and now there are up to 200 people on 1 server…

    Hope to see y’all soon

  • This will probably never reach a server with the capacity for 200 players since the servers will be hosted by fans and clans. Most game servers cost anywhere between $.75 to $1.50+ per player slot and that is not even dedicated but a shared server and probably 33-66 tick. So not a lot of people can afford to host a 64 player slot at 66 tick let alone a dedicated 200 player slot server with 100 tick. This will costs, depending on a few factors, from $60 up to $320 (top of the line dedicated) a month for hosting Thus we will probably only see 24-32 player slots till the game gets popular or clans recruit players that are willing to donate to hosting as it usually ends up with only one or two guys paying all the bills you that you can play for free.

    Where you see the big number servers is usually the company that created the game and they host on their own servers and in some games they charge a monthly fee to get access to those servers with dedicated content. Games like Mortal Online, WOW and the like host their own content so that they can control all aspects of their game and materials. The current trend it slightly get away from that business model is to give and allow players to play for free but charge for upgrades, customization and custom content, powers and or abilities.

    Just some food for thought as there is no such thing as free gaming.

  • Ok thanks for your answer :) Guess we’ll be fine with 32 players as long as the maps aren’t too big :D

  • well i guess 32 on the battlefield will be more than enough, remembering the aoc days that many ppl could really mkae a mess, archers killing teammates, infantry blocking everyone, objectives been captured by more luck than brain, so more players even tho there is a nice engine on it could ruin a really nice game

  • Well, as Tibberius says in his Q&A video, the cap is at 32 because a higher cap would mean higher minimum requirements… but a potent machine and a good connection should be able to handle higher caps. I think 48 is perfectly possible, and maybe even 60. Dont know how fluent would that be though.

  • Well there’s a number of factors -
    Server: More players = more things it has to process = higher CPU utilization [like much higher as you get more and more people, it doesn’t grow linearly].

    Client: More players = more things it has to process = higher CPU utlization, more things it has to render = higher GPU utilization and more data you have to receive = higher network utilization.

    So really it is possible to get 64 people on a server depending on the server operator. However, for all intents and purposes, our game will be able to support 32 players comfortably. Anything above that and we are not responsible :|

  • Doevaekin, welcome to Chivalry:Medieval Warfare! The best game ever made and that Ever will be made! (unless there is a sequel).

    About the map sizes, i think 32 is perfect, that’s how much it is in Battlefield 3 on console and its really good in Infantry maps (you find yourself lonely on big maps) but this game is ALL about up-in their face kind of thing.

  • Maybe because with more players it will lag more , which is pretty good reason .
    The problem is players nowadays are out of common sense .

    As John Carmack said developers don’t develope just game , but community aswell .
    Most don’t know what skillbased game means , it is clear after you know what garbage is p(l)ayed
    today …
    Some compromises should not be made ,& I see how TB already did such , there should be something codewise preventing them of hosting servers with bigger limit .

    It happend before with other games , lot of players claiming they prefer higher limit servers than is supported regardless of the warnings by developers’ they continued .
    Who you think were responsible for the broken gameplay & enormous lag ?

    Of course they blame the devs …
    Anyway is not up to me to decide …

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