Attack Lock Glitch

  • I’m having an issue with my attacks locking up. At seemingly random intervals, sometimes right after being hit or successfully parrying, my character will just refuse to attack. I can left click all I want an my character will not attack. Overhead and thrust attacks still will work. The lock seems to just end on it’s own and I’ll all of a sudden be able to attack again. However usually I just die. I’ll then respawn with the ability to attack (until it locks up again) or I’ll spawn and still not be able to attack. Then it’s die again or make due with only thrust or over head attacks.

    I play on a pretty current PC with a Razer DeathAdder mouse with current drivers. I experience no issues in any of the other games I play, so I’m pretty sure it’s Chivalry causing the issue.

    Any help would be great as … attacking seems to be an important part of this game.


  • Does it still happen if you bind the primary attack to a different button/key?

  • @ReMixx:

    Does it still happen if you bind the primary attack to a different button/key?

    Yes and it’s happened to me a few times. I’ll be moving around the guy who is attacking me and hitting the buttons wildly and nothing happens, then out of the blue my guy swings. It’s happened to me as a Knight and Vanguard.

  • Also happens with throwing knifes, you cannot throw after you switch to them (rarely happens, but it happens)

  • I occasionally experience this, but it just prevents me parrying completely no matter how many times I press it. Upon respawn, all will be working fine again.

    The problem is, I have no idea what causes it, or how to reproduce it, which is not exactly helpful.

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