Daggers to tertiary weapon slot

  • I think daggers would get more use as a tertiary weapon. As they stand, competing with short sword and broad sword trees for use, they’re pretty useless. Even as a tertiary option, they’re still competing with throwing knives and axes and fire pots and what have you, but they’d get more use as an option against really slow weapon users, since in practiced hands they do seem to be more around the effectiveness of throwing daggers and axes than a short sword or saber.

    Since man at arms primaries become secondaries for VG/knight it would be within reason to keep them as a secondary for archer and make them tertiaries for MAA and up. After all, archer tertiaries are pidgeon hole options currently.

  • I don’t think like this. A dagger is a fast holdout weapon - not a backup backup.

  • dagguer is just an epic duel weapon

  • @shayologo:

    dagguer is just an epic duel weapon


    (See it’s not just me that likes a knife fight after all……bring on restricted weapons option for servers)

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