Make sure you get the feedback right

  • I have just seen a video of you game posted on reddit, and I’ve made an account to say this: Get the feedback right. The one thing that ruins most melee combat games for is the lack of feedback of my attacks, they hit the enemy, the sword goes through them yet their body remains intact, they take damage, they yell, and combat goes on. When combat is done this way incredibly disillusioning, because nothing has any real weight behind it. Ideally when I perform a heavy over head swing with an axe, and an enemy blocks with a metal shield, there should be a loud yell as I’m performing the attack, a loud metal on metal clashing sound, a recoil from the blow with my camera bobbling up and down while my character takes a step back, and grunt from the enemy as he’s pushed back by the force of the blow. A lot of people seem to forget about the aftermath of each blow, which is just as important if not more than the attack itself, because without a proper aftermath you’re left with two people just exchanging hits in combat that looks very similar to Mount and Blade.

    Also, yall should do an AmA (Ask me anything) on reddit. It’s free pr, and the community loves it when devs get involved. (Post the AmA here) (Post the link to the AmA here) (And here)

  • There’s definitely a good deal of feedback already, and I feel it’s at a reasonable level. The problem with exaggerating the impact of blows and parries and blocks and such is that it can become disorienting which makes the game a little harder to play, especially for new players. Balance and tactics come into play too in that it makes first strikes much more powerful, which can be a good thing because it rewards aggression, but it still favors some tactics over others and the devs are trying to give you as many options in combat as possible.

    But yeah, there is definitely a fairly intense feel to the combat when you’re hit or see someone get hit, including on blocked attacks and especially with heavier weapons. I’m not sure on just how many sounds there are for weapon impacts - you’d have to ask the magnificent sound guy that somehow does all of this shit on his own as far as I’m aware - but there’s definitely a hell of a lot of them for different types of weapon, shield and attack-type interactions.

    The game is also primarily in first person which will definitely give it a different feel from M&B. And I also want to say that Chivalry is the only game I’ve ever played where even dying can feel awesome :)

  • Developer

    There’s about 270 sounds involved with the impacts of weapons hitting players (not including blocked attacks). The high total is there to represent the different weapons and armor as well as to have enough different sounds that they start to seem like snowflakes. Each hit combines an armor type specific sound matched with the weapon type impact and also a gore sound matched to damage type that is pulled from random sets. Anyhow the sounds are punchy and visceral and often they can stagger your noggin on their own. Especially if you are wearing good cans.

    I’m not as good as describing the visual aspect, but I can say that you start to feel like a pinball banging off of bumpers when being attacked by multiple enemies at once.

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