Stereotypes in Chivalry in the eyes of a vanguard. Updated!

  • After spending (too) many hours as a sword Vanguard in this game, I would try to give a summary of the most frequently encountered types of players on public servers in CMW. Of course there are some very skilled players around with unique playing styles, but I think the majority will fit into one of the following categories. This is based on subjective experience, and may differ in the eyes of other classes.


    The new player
    For the convenience of not being stuck in chaotic melee, many very fresh players tend to be archers. Will die a lot. 80% of arrows miss. 10% hit enemies, 10% hit friends. Not a very great asset to the team. When they miss their last arrow before death, they don’t pull up sidearm but just stare at the attacker with those empty eyes.

    The sharpshooter
    Often fairly new players, but with some experience with projectile behavior and an inherent aim probably acquired in traditional FPS gaming, they can actually hit targets. Not comfortable in melee and a little short on situational awareness, but can help the team if defended \ supported. Reluctant to pull out sidearm.

    The melee archer
    Competent melee players decided to test out archer. Not very accurate at range. Will often try one arrow, miss, and go “what the hell…” and pull out their sidearm. Better situational awareness and an eagerness for close combat, these guys are not free kills. However, they would probably have done more for the team as another class.

    The good archer
    As a vanguard i would say I’m glad its far between these. Deadly at range, deadly in melee, Works as an integral part of the team, and not as some third party support service. Excellent awareness, and will most of the time land an arrow in the attacker before killing him with sidearm. Can sometimes be defeated with a faint-overhead as an one-shot opener. If this fails, death for the attacker usually follows.

    The javeliner
    As with other archers, these spear throwers are often motivated by being able to deal damage while being out of harms way, and is often controlled by fairly new players. The typical javeliner is usually fairly easy to kill due to his lack of melee skills and awareness. As with “the good archer” the players that have went through the steep learning curve of this class will be a real asset to the team, or a dangerous foe. Often positioned in the second rank of the main battle line, they pop out to land backstabs or finish targets of opportunity from range.


    The mad
    Have not grasped the basic techniques of melee, but understand that movement is key to survival. May dodge randomly, often into swings. Also some apply a movement pattern resembling and 8-number while wildly swinging. Can be an annoyance, but not very dangerous.

    The artful dodger
    I suspect duel experience. These shieldless MAA will usually punish missed swings hard, and wait for that opportunity. Excel in 1v1 situations, but sometimes falls to his own tunnel vision. At the lower skill levels you will observe a regular pattern of forward dodging, attempting to land combos. After perfecting these skills the artful dodger will become perhaps the most dangerous foe in 1v1 situations. He will rely on destroying you fast enough to not find himself surrounded.

    The pirate
    Trolling with firepots \ thowing knives and a reluctance to commit to close combat. Will try to single out hurt enemies and destroy them, preferably from the back, and then pull back. Not afraid to use the “laugh” and “taunt” voices.

    The skilled shieldman
    Good weapon knowledge, good awareness. These fair fighters are hard to take down. Will usually not swing out of range, giving the enemy no free hits. Usually excellent battlefield positioning that binds up the attention of several enemies. If they ignore him, they find themselves under committed attack, and die.


    The LMB spammer
    Zweihander and bardice are common. Identifies target, spirit attack, horizontal swings to death. Prone to teamkilling due to low situational awareness and not to much care for friendlies well being. They die a lot, but sometimes manages to pull 2 enemies and one friend with them.

    The spearman
    Two categories. The new player, often identified by him using the spear as a swing weapon. The efficient spearman, keeping distance and poking unaware enemies. Often found circling melees. Usually killing more than he dies if he have situational awareness.

    The flanker
    Hunting archers and running in the outskirts of melee targeting injuried enemies with stabs and overheads. Will often avoid fighting shielded knights as the risk of being surrounded grows with time committed in 1v1 melee. Decent awareness and will often try to keep the fighting in front of him. Not afraid to let teammates take the heat for him.

    The halberdist
    As the halberd as a weapon is thoroughly elaborated in other threads, this will not be a balance discussion. The skilled halberdist is not afraid to be in the main battleline. Poking like a spearman, but also dangerous in 1v1 due to the connect speed and animation of his stabs. Often some of the most deadly players on the server.


    The shieldman
    A strong defensive force. The more inexperienced shield knights can be taken down due to poor shield application and by swinging out of range giving away free hits. This factor diminish with experience of the knight, and he becomes increasingly hard to take down, and times his attacks better. Often a great asset to the team as he may tie down the attention of several enemies, giving the his friends opportunities to land hits, and stand firm on the objective.

    The brutal
    Using grand mace, poleaxe, maul or even messer, they try to destroy single targets fast. Sometimes the knight equivalent of LMB-vanguards but becomes increasingly sophisticated with experience. Often willing to trade a hit on himself in exchange for closing range. Being on the receiving end of a equally skilled “brutal” knights attack may often feel like being hit by a rhino. A skilled messer knight that feints is a tremendous force in 1v1 situations.

    The vanight
    Basic melee knowledge, often acquired from playing vanguard in the beginning of their MCW career. They adapt the LMB approach to combat from their vanguard days, with new confidence stemming from their now heavier armor. Not very focused on picking their fights, they often act in a fearless fashion, taking on groups of enemies in a fairly unsophisticated manner. Do not feint the first attack against these guys, as they tend to emphasize attacking over blocking. They lead a lone, often fruitless, charge sans ability.

    The swordmaster
    This category involves players that have mastered most aspects of melee combat. Truly elegant players. Wielding their sword of war with deadly timing and precision, they often become the champions of their team. May use shield vs arrows, but prefer to fight with both hands on their weapon, they excel in most combat situations. They often act well behaved on servers.

    Did I miss any?
    Do you have a playstyle similar to one of these descriptions?

    Thanks to Mindlapse, Nivve and tlbww for your contributions.

    edit 18.1.13: Details on “artful dodger”.
    edit 18.1.13: Added “Javeliner” and “Vanight”. Corrected typo.

  • I am…

    The good archer

    The pirate

    The halberdist (have a cry)

    The swordsman. With a shield sometimes on my back if needed.

  • Pretty accurate post! I like it.

    I am
    The Good Archer (if i play archer enough, after a while I get rusty)
    The Artful dodger with a bit of pirate thrown in
    The Halberdist (why would you use any other weapon?)
    The Shieldman (love leading the team into battle with my tower shield)

    Most recently I’ve taken up to opening with Sword of War then switching to Falchion to finish people off. Works surprisingly well as the change in speed generally throws people off.

  • The melee archer
    The artful dodger
    vanguard (a little bit of everything)
    The brutal

  • I play as an 80:20 mix of skilled shieldman/artful dodger, I would say. I don’t really feel threatened by anyone in a 1v1 situation and I’ve learned to use patience as one of my main weapons, but since 1v1s are pretty hard to come by on 32-player TO servers I have to spend most of my time harrying the enemy to provide relief for my team.

    My worst weakness is my bloodlust. Whenever I see enemies with those pretty blood spatters on them I just get so excited and I want to stick my sword in them to see what they look like on the inside, and I kinda get tunnel-vision and end up severely surrounded. The blood god demands blood!

  • I’d say Flanker and Swordmaster.

    Very good post, I like your descriptions ;)

  • I mostly play as vanguard, and sadly I don’t recognize myself in any of the types :D

    I’m more of a “get up in your face and spam overheads” kind of guy. Still, they seem pretty accurate.
    Most of the MMAs I meet, I would describe as “the mad”. They tend to mash lmb while moving from side to side to backhand-swing you to pieces. One of the main reasons I raised my mouse sensitivity was to deal with them.

  • The melee archer

    The pirate

    The halberdist

    The swordmaster

  • @Delfagro:

    The new player
    For the convenience of not being stuck in chaotic melee, many very fresh players tend to be archers. Will die a lot. 80% of arrows miss. 10% hit enemies, 10% hit friends. Not a very great asset to the team.

    I still remember my noob archer days. 97% missed. 2% hit enemies. 1% hit friends.

    Great post btw

  • I am sort of between melee archer and sharpshooter, but not good archer, I dont play with my team usually.

    Artful dodger but with a little pirate with taunts! Fuck shields.

    Flanker 100%. Fuck halberds.

    The brutal, duh. Maul.

  • I am a pirate dodger.

  • A topic that lets everyone compliment themselves, pure genius.

  • there are two more types of MAA

    The One Trick Pony:

    Learned the effectiveness of forward dodge + attack from winning duels against inexperienced opponents that could not react fast enough or makes pointless mistakes. Will get many kills against inexperienced players by simply forward dodging into them with an attack charged up, and doing this repeatedly until their death. Dies against anyone that can parry this tactic because the MAA does not know any other tactic.

    The Manipulator:

    Learned that the forward dodge + attack tactic rarely works against good players due to losing to them in duels. These MAA will bluff their opponent by doing forward dodge + attack intentionally to get parried. They will then forward dodge + feint + attack while their opponent attempts to parry too quickly as they are expecting the One Trick Pony MAA (they bought the bluff). Will continue to mix up their tactics with dodges and feints and attacks. Opponents that die to these MAA will feel as if the MAA is reading their mind on every single move.

  • @FrostFire626:

    A topic that lets everyone compliment themselves, pure genius.


  • The melee archer
    The pirate
    The flanker
    The brutal/Swordmaster

    Good thread Delfagro

  • The melee archer

    50% artful dodger, 40% skilled shieldman, 10% pirate

    The flanker

    The swordmaster (more like a sword user)

  • Artful Dodger


    Swordmaster I guess.

    And for Archer I don’t know. Probably switches between all of those from game to game >_>.

  • Melee archer

    Artful Dodger

    The flanker


  • I’m the Mad Brutal Flanking Pirate Shieldswording Spammer Archer. I defy your conventions.

  • 80% flanker, 20% halberder.

    I like being sneaky and attacking single targets (But I always innate these sneak duels with a kick, to give my target awareness. Leading to many deaths when they last to long and someone less honorable decides to behead me.)

    However, Despite the halberds amazing frontline abilities, I hate both horizontal and frontlines enough that I avoid both entirely.

    (Albiet, Precise horizontal attacks have earned a spot in my heart for what I call “reaping” starting my horizontal attacks a few inches off a target who is trying to get up close, this punts them right into the center of my field of view when they block, preventing them from flanking me successfully, Or just killing them if they dont attempt to parry. I still do not use horizontal attacks when fighting groups simply out of respect.)

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