Tournament Idea

  • Revision of tournament idea:
    5v5 tournament

    3 maps are to be played - Team Objective, Capture the Flag, and Last Team Standing

    Winner of 2 maps will win the match.

    Winning teams will get a +1 point and losing team will get nothing. After each season the top teams will commence into playoff brackets and fight until one team is crowned. Top 8 teams will be moved to an “invite-only” division, where they compete at a higher level. Their spots in this division is not guaranteed in the next season so they will have to rank high.

    This will be a lot like Cal league back in the CS 1.6 days or CEVO.
    I want to know how many people would in interested in something like this and people who would help make this happen.

    It would be awesome of Torn Banner actually implements this into their official tournament. This will showcase all their game modes and a highly competitive leader board, with seasonal rankings and rewards.

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