Light crossbow? Thoughts and experiences

  • I’ve been experimenting with the light crossbow today and found it to be very useful as a offence support weapon. The super fast reload means i can put out some real dps very fast and support other kinghts/vanguards.
    Also many players, even higher level ones, underestimate the reload time and i can even kill a charging vanguard before he kills me.
    Of course it’s killing power is weaker on longer ranges, but the fast reload makes me think it is a good offence support. So what are your thoughts on this weapon?

  • I haven’t used the thing much, mainly out of my crappy skill at archer, but what experience I do have with it:

    1. Trades a little power for reload speed - 2 shots will still kill most classes, but can reload at a much faster rate.
    2. Good for dueling other archers - kills them in 1 shot if aimed correctly.

    I like it, overall. Balanced as is.

  • It feels like firing paper planes at the enemy. That’s not a good thing.

  • @poiuasd:

    It feels like firing paper planes at the enemy. That’s not a good thing.

    Orly? Felt like maybe 9/10s of the power of the regular crossbow to me.

  • Heavy xbow is my go-to-weapon as archer so maybe that’s why.

  • The arrows are definitely weaker compared to the other crossbows, but it can one-shot damaged enemies. Take up a position a bit away from a major fight and start shooting enemies basically anywhere and you’ll either get a kill or give teammates 1-strike kills.
    Ofc this tactic is very map dependent. Going solo with this is not a very good idea even if you are a very good shot.
    Fast and mobile weapon, i’m really liking this right now.

  • I use heavy crossbow when I play archer mostly for stopping power. I love using it to counter enemy archers. There just isn’t enough meat to light crossbow for me.

  • It still kills Vanguards with a headshot and does enough damage that a cudgel wielding archer will be able to dispatch a knight after a torso blow pretty easily. I like it the most out of the crossbows because I tend to play archer as more of a skirmisher.

  • When it comes to Archery, I love playing as a crossbowman. They lack the mobility and rate of fire, but their weapon of choice can be used to get a accurate and lethal shot to your target. They serve more like an “Medieval sniper”. When it comes to the three different crossbows, I’d like to say that the Light crossbow is the one I prefer the most. It deals slightly higher damage than the longbow, its slower than the warbow only on the reload part, after that you can just click and shoot. What makes this light crossbow slightly better than the bow at some part is their drop distance and accuracy. As an crossbowman, you can combine ranged then melee to gain an very good edge in a battle versus melee dedicated classes. With some luck, you can one-shot Archers, Man-at arms and Vanguards IF you hit their head, which is a lot easier with a crossbow, also this weapon is very good in teamwork. You can either stand slightly away or behind your group and fire at the enemy in front to slightly weaken them for the advantage of your melee group. Beta patch: I love the new accessory equipment alternative, the extra ammunition for the crossbow. it will increase the Light crossbow from 15 > 30, altough this does not fill with the ammo crate.

    Very good weapon.

  • The light crossbow is weak in my opinion. Its harder to hit people because of the slower velocity and has lower damage. My favorite one is the crossbow because it has a good balance. But overall, crossbows are a weak choice as an archer. You have to stand still while reloading and the reload time is very slow. With bows you can reload while moving and you can fire off 3 shots in the time it takes to shoot find cover and reload a crossbow. The Warbow is my favorite archer weapon because its the best. Warbow needs a nerf and the other ranged weapons need to be buffed somehow.

  • I tend to pick bows over crossbows and if I pick crossbows I stick to the default crossbow and hang back. I concider bow archers to provide support at range, just closer than crossbowmen are supposed to be, and javelins to be in the thick of battle.

  • I recently figured that the lightcrossbow might be the ideal ranged weapon for a headhunter. While it still deals enough damage to one-shot every class to the head (except knight, which no weapon does atm), it features a higher rate of fire than other crossbows to justify “guess” and “try” shots. This compensates for your reduced accuracy (aiming for teh headz won’t nearly hit as likely as for the torso). Plus it still has a higher projectile velocity than all bows, which basically means it is more precise so you can hit heads more relieably than with bows.

    As for the beta, I can only guess. As far as I can tell (never played it) it will be the only crossbow not one-shotting knights to the head and IF that inaccuracy on movement thing is still up for all ranged weapons, the light crossbow will lose it’s great mobility advantage over other crossbows.
    On the other hand, ammo can be a big deal in LTS and certain objectives …

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