Make the game even more graphic

  • How about having a feature where you can slice throuts.

  • @yobosshog:

    How about having a feature where you can slice throuts.

    We bypassed that and went straight to chopping heads off.

  • Thats fine with me because i love your game it is the best medieval game i have ever played it is so awsome. I like how you guys are coming up with a update with new maps and a messier battlefield like blood on the ground. I love how you guys are making the game more graphic as you make updates awsome game. The funny thing is that one time before this game called war of the roses came out i said that there game should be more graphic and then a coulple months later i log onto steam and figure out that there is a game called chivalry medieval warfare and i think when i look at it that it would not be that graphic at all but it was and i just was not expecting a medieval game to come out it was a great supprise. Keep the good work up and please dont go out of business. To help you guys i was looking at the reviews on steam for the game and someone said that one day the servers was down and there was no servers at all maby you can take a look at it and fix the bug and they also said that they have never seen a multiplayer game before that the servers was down completely and did not come up for a wile like chivalry so you guys should come up with a fix but i love your business and your game. I will give you another suggustion how about a trap door that opens and you fall into a bunch of spikes.
    here is a suggustion from another person this seems like a good idea and this is his suggustion a map with a pirate ship where you can fire cannons at the enemy ship and sink it and you can get onto the enemy ship and fight the enemys please try to make this map the guys suggustion was a great point they should have a map like that so please try to make the map it would be awsome shooting cannons and sinking there ship and when the ship sinks and you get into the water you should be able to swim to the enemy ship it would be a awsome map. But other than that i would like to see chivalry with awsome updates keep up the work love your game i just love it you guys rock!!!.

  • Actually, a neck cut would make sense from a distance, i don’t really think an inch of a blade to the neck is going to cut a head off, not that realistic. now if the WHOLE damn thing went through the enemies neck then sure, that head’ll come clean off! but not a measly inch into the neck. some of the deaths are really weird though… as all the limbs pretty much SOMETIMES look like they become detached from the character, but still attached by…what looks like veins… and a little bone. ALSO a dagger is an example of this, and I’m just sayin’ an inch cut to the throat from the tip of a sword/cut from a dagger should be cutting throats open, not a full decapitation. (Including stabs to the throat)

    It would also be awesome to see forearms get cut off instead of the whole arm. because most of the time Mouse 1 attacks cut the whole arm off, which really should be cutting forearms off, because i think cutting the whole arm off is the job of the scroll down attack.

  • Haha, “please don’t go out of business” - high praise! :P

  • @SlyGoat:

    Haha, “please don’t go out of business” - high praise! :P

    I’d definitely have to agree with that - the only 2 other companies I would apply that to would be Valve and Runic Games. TORN BANNER, DON’T YOU DARE GO OUT OF BUSINESS :D

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