AMD A 10 5800 K users?

  • I’m just wondering how good is the APU on this thing when playing chivalry? I’m debating between getting this versus an Intel I three 2100 with a Radeon 7770.

    Yeah yeah I know I should get a nice five but I really want to go budget and have this rig last maybe up to two years and then I’m going to get a new computer that’s quad core or more. Right now I just want something that plays chivalry that silky smooth on 720 P and DirectX 11. And have that smoothness in big battles to. Nothing under 25 frames per second preferably constant 45+ frames per second

    But specifically I want to know if the 5800 K (without any discrete video card) performs in this game.

  • For the silky smooth, the better CPU will win. This game is heavily CPU intensive. Please keep that in mind. I’ve seen users post here before who have had issues with an A6 APU not being able to perform as well as they would have liked. I haven’t heard anything about the A10 though.

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