Sterotypes in Chivalry in the eyes of a MAA

  • Obviously inspired by the vanguard thread. I’ll try to keep it a little shorter.


    The Fool: The unfortunate soul that can’t seem to figure out how to reload the crossbow, change to 2ndary, or relocate themselves anywhere away from a wall or corner. Once identified, the fool is constantly killed and sot after in any mode for free kills. The fool is the least likely to typecast enemies and most likely to fire in crowds.

    The Pillager: Regardless of skill this archer type solely attacks the light classes. They are motivated by increasing their chances of 1hit kills and will hunt down lightly armor types. They will w/o fail cease any engagements with armored foes and relentlessly attack any lightly armored enemy that gets within range.

    The Competitor: Basically the melee archer. They are more likely to melee than anything else and often feel as though they have something to prove versus anyone in melee. Some with face hug, while more compete players utilize the full combat system. This type is most likely to engage a MaA with the 2ndary first.

    The Sharpshooter: Nothing to add other than that this will be the type that will assess the situation and might not always typecast enemies; they focus on the objective, team support, and crisis aversion. They are the most difficult to approach and won’t hesitate to pull out the 2ndary when you are in range.


    The dancing fool: This type believes spacing players and getting kills involves depressing the dodge button and attacking sometime after. In execution, they will single dodge in a predictable direction or expend 50% of their stamina trying to confuse their opponents. Unfortunately they tend to dodge into attacks or bunch up in clusters effectively making dodge useless. In the spirit of the name, in duels, the offending player is graced by the dancing styles of Kevin Federline before they run him through.

    The Duelist: The skirmisher that will hunt down single foes. Experienced duelist tend to approach group situations from the outside, picking on the stranglers, or in small groups and run interference. Duelist will defend their teammates from initial attacks fiercely and tend to hold their own if their awareness is high. A duelist won’t discriminate targets, though you may find the types that have been slaughtered relentlessly by picky archers and will focus on hunting them down. A wargod on the battlefield in the hands of an expert.

    The Rallier: The team cheerleader of sorts. They player fiercely defends and pushes objectives. They won’t always pursue enemies and are least likely to typecast. Their goal is support. Depending on skill and play style they will be the players that will continue pushing objectives or even try to solo them if they have a good grasp of the situation. They will zip past enemies and kill what is necessary to move on. With a torch or firepot in hand they may care little of their wellbeing and more about accomplishing the mission. It’s not uncommon for them to have an absorbent amount of assists.


    The Charging Fool: Their only attack is the sprint charge followed up with the slash. If you get past those 2 attacks, the following attacks will be any comboing of the 2. They are the most likely to fall into the parry/backpedal defense which puts into into odds with feinting and mixed attacks. The charging fool won’t discriminate targets until they become a little more seasoned, picking to fight the lighter classes or the classes they feel won’t force them into their weak defense.

    The Samurai: It doesn’t matter what weapon they use. If they target you, they aim to kill only you. They will space and zone you night and day and won’t use the sprint attack after the initial attack. Samurai don’t discriminate targets and will fight to the bitter end. Samurai are likely to stop pushing objective to slay someone. You won’t find a samurai running away from a battle.

    The Outcast: The supporting vanguard. Spear in hand or something with a lot of range, they link up and form hunting parties and join the fray. United they stand. Divided can be a mixed bag depending on the skill. Outcast desperately try not to hit teammates or try to kill the enemy. Skill players more than likely fall into the first category and find their niche giving offensive support or being supported opted to kill foes at a distance. The latter category is reserved for the players that are trying to stop using the 2nd column weapon or enjoy nabbing kills. As per the name, an outcast is trying to be part of the group. An outcast isn’t trying to be part of a group is more than likely a samurai or dead.

    The Boatshow: Regardless of the situation, the boatshow plays finishes a fight with the 2ndary. I have seen some effective players using charge with the 2ndary weapons along with preferring to fight with faster attacks. The normal case with the boatshow is that they assess the situation. They might engage with the primary, or they will engage with something different. They will switch to 2ndary or fists very quickly. Probably the most fun to watch and can be a nightmare to fight. Boatshows are confident in their abilities and play at a higher level as per melee. No one is upset seeing a boatshow especially if they being smokes.


    The Starving Vegetarian: Regardless of skill they do their darnest to kill light armored classes. Be they gripped in a fierce duel or spot an approaching hunting party, the starving vegetarian, without fail, opts for the lighter meal. These types are easy to spot and know when you are engaged by one. They both might be fighting either other. However, knights are too meaty, vanguards are too boney. Archers and MaA; dinner is server. They will turn all of their attention to the leafy greens. Very much playing in tunnel vision and tend to be poor team support give they only play this style.

    The Phalanx:… and his mighty shield. They divide into 2 sub categories. The blockade and the false wall. The blockade is an impenetrable force that patiently waits for openings or creates one with a swift shield check. You aren’t getting back a skilled blockade phalanx w/o a firepot, arrow, or a kick. The false wall thinks they are a blockade. This phalanx holds block and assumes all is safe. They cry foul when they suffer damage of any kind. The thing this type fails to understand to offense and mobility, opted to stationary shielding. A skilled phalanx won’t let attacks through. A poor phalanx either won’t attack while fending off someone or won’t defend properly in the same scenario.

    The Hulk: No different than the brutal. Prone to attacking groups over stranglers. Hulks that delve deeper in combat will use the 2ndary weapon. Hulks that forgo mind for matter won’t assess situations and charge in blindly only be killed by the fray they enter or by someone that flanks them. Their source of awareness tends to be the scorecard and what is right in front of them.

    The Palidan: As a MaA player, I thoroughly enjoy fighting against these cladsmen. Very much the swordmaster they play the knight to the top of his ability. Some palidans prefer to use their primary in duels while others will approach with the secondary. They are absolute goliaths on the battlefield. Some find pleasure in pulling out the mitts and giving them a go. It doesn’t matter the objective, the palidan in definitely of lordly caliber. Great team support, great leader, great rallier. The slowest of the bunch and yet is the one groups tend to keep pace with. Unfortunately there demise along with a few other types would spell doom for entire teams due to the nature of their skill and gameplay.

    Poorly written and will be edited once I get more than 5 hrs of sleep.

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