How Long Will I Suck?

  • Wassup guys, I got this game like a week ago, and I’ve been it playing a lot. I will say I’ve improved quite a bit. I went from lasting 5 seconds in the average encounter, to about 15 seconds. :D I’ve got blocking down pretty decently, and I can score maybe one or two hits before going down. I get maybe 3 or 4 kills per game, but I have around 15-20 deaths. The kills I get are usually from getting a hit on someone who is already almost dead, or when I encounter another noob. I can usually handle other noobs, but the experienced guys always get me.

    It’s very clear that this game takes a lot of skill and practice. So, I’ve been trying to get better. I’ve watched quite a few tutorials, and I’ve been joining duel servers occasionally to try and get the basics down. The guys that play on these servers are actually a lot more skilled than the average guys playing on team objective, but at least I don’t get ganged up on by 3 guys at once.

    At this point, I’m starting to get somewhat of an understanding of the mechanics, and my timing is getting slightly better, but I’m still usually just a meat shield. I will attack enemies and try to distract them for as long as I can survive, so that my buddies can make progress towards the objective.

    Anyways, my question is, how long can I expect to suck? I play as a knight by the way.

  • You’re probably going to suck for a while. The average gamer is much better than it was when I first started playing late November. Don’t get discouraged though. Treat every death as a learning experience and don’t get frustrated. Try playing on servers with less players and play games that allow respawns. Last team standing is a terrible game mode for new players just learning the game, unless you like to spectate.

  • Try a duel server. Set server filter to ffa and type in “duel” in the search. Pick a server with low pings. Duel some people (you will get decimated at first, but you will learn fast), after each duel rethink WHEN and WHY you got hit or why you hit your enemy. This will let you grasp the game’s mechanics fast. If you don’t like duels, try to rethink every fight and your mistakes anyway. By doing so you will learn to avoid them and become a better player.

  • Pay attention to what the people who kill you do. Vary your attacks. Learn your effective range. Try other classes. Feint destroys newbs.

    Knight is hardest for me to play since my style has always relied on quickness.

  • You are late to the party, but there was a really useful thread a few weeks ago with tips and strategies.

    I’d advise the following:

    1. Play offline, do the tutorial time and time again.
    2. Watch the great 1 2 4 combat tutorials on YT, watch them again you learn each time.
    3. Find duel servers with similarly ranked players. No point playing against level 25+ as they will run rings around you for a while.
    4. Get in TO maps and experiment. Always flank when possible and get the easy kills. Run away when injured, regenerate, and attack again.
    5. Always avoid becoming overpowered 3 versus 1. You can rarely win. Stay with others but be prepared to seek a weak flank or unseen path to attain an objective.
    6. Find your favourite class and weapon (I like VG with claymore) and stick to it for a long time. Only then experiment more with other classes.
    7. Ranks correlate mostly to experience, and experience is by far the highest variable correlated to high k:d ratio (not that I worship k:d). It takes time but it pays off.
    8. If it gets too frustrating, play sports in the real world, read a book, have a beer etc. Games like these are just for recreation wind-down time. Not to be taken seriously.

  • If you have a lot of trouble learning the game, i suggest doing these things :

    Practice on trees. A lot. I’m serious, Just go bash some tree. Try hitting the tree reliably with overhead and stab. Now do overheads and stabs while moving. Then try to do slashes that hit with just the tip of your weapons. Then overheads and thrusts with just the tip of your weapons. Last steps, overheads and thrust with the tip while moving. Once you can perform all that easily, you’re not a noob anymore.

    Next step, make your way to the practice knight in the tutorial. Ask him for duel and then block for as long as you can. Restart the duel every times it ends. If you can survive a stretch of 2 minutes without getting hit, you should be good for real battles.

    Pick 1 weapon. Keep to it until you have positive K/D.


    This video helped me a lot. And also a comment the guy in the video made which is that evading an attack is better than parrying. So watch how the guy moves around and try to do the same thing.

  • Since I played you on that duel server, I can try to give you some pointers on your play style:

    1. You were acting too passively behind your shield, this allowed me you walk around your sides and hit you without you being an active threat to me with being so close, you should consider dropping your shield more and attacking when I get too close/start looking for weak spots at your sides. Do not let me get too close to you so that I could easily hit your side, the closer I get, the more you have to look left and right with the shield to block attacks.

    2. Know your weapon, and when you can mix attacks to minimize the hits to kill while doing it as fast as possible, check my signature for a damage chart and animation lengths.

    3. You were walking backwards too much with the shield. This allowed me to control you. If you were slightly more aggressive, and made me have to take one or two steps backwards so I had to be more worried about your attacks, you maintain some of the control of the battle.

    4. Too much reliance on the shield. Pretend you don’t have a shield, even though you do. Only hold it up to block incoming attacks/feinted attacks, otherwise, dish out those attacks a lot more, and this brings me onto the next point -

    5. You didn’t feint me once. If you did an overhead, I only had to look in 1 direction to block it. Instead you should do that overhead, I will look to your left to block it, but then immediately feint it and stab me in my right side which is completely wide open. The average player will not be able to react in time. If your opponent doesn’t have a shield, you don’t need to change direction as much, you can simply force your opponent to block with a feint, then damage them during their parry recovery.

    The next time you play in a public game, try being more aggressive. If you’re the one forcing your opponent to walk backwards, you know you’re doing things right (unless you’re outnumbered, then you may have no choice but to walk backwards). If they are too close to you, it means you’re being slightly too passive and you want to put more pressure on them.

  • Good tips from Martin.

  • Thanks for the tips everyone, especially Martin.

    I kind of noticed that I use my shield way too much, it’s just that if someone hits me once or twice, I start to panic, and I throw up my shield before my opponent even swings at me (as I’m sure you noticed). I tend to become overly passive/defensive if I sense that my opponent is aggressive/experienced. When I fight someone, and they’re also defensive, I tend to go offensive, which also usually results in me usually winning.

    Anyways, I will keep what you said in mind when I play next time. I’ve been going on the duel servers a lot, so maybe I will encounter you again.

  • If you use a sheild and they get too close press the kick button and You will bash them away from you so they lose that control and you have the chance to control them.

    Kick has more uses than just breaking blocks.

  • Direct answer to the topic title:

    Not very long. You’re actually looking to improve - that already makes you better than a lot of players :)

  • I was just in a game with you a bit ago, but you were on my team I think so I can’t give a whole lot of direct feedback. Lots of good advice in this thread, so I’ll just leave two very general things:

    Pay attention & enjoy yourself. Ya gotta be aware and ya gotta be havin’ a good time. Doin’ anything else ain’t worth it.

  • A little OT but welcome to the game dude. Nice to see a pleasant, positive thread for once.

  • @mail3diplo:

    I play as a knight by the way.

    See there’s your problem right there. You didn’t say what weapon set up you have, but I’ll assume 2h.
    Go Vanguard, abuse range and feints. Enough said.
    Pick Bardich or Halberd.

    If you want to be on the top of the pile, you have to abuse whatever mistake Torn Banner made making this game. For example the silly wind-ups/damage on Bardich, or the illogically balanced Lightsaber Chainsaw Halberd. Extra points for finding exploits.

    Another example is to not pick Knight. 2h Knights are bad Vanguards, and shield knights have gimped counter-attacks due to a bug.

    You could try Archer. But I don’t recommend it unless you play with 2 or so friends.

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