90% of combat

  • Baring being shot down by archers, hit from behind (With only a fifty percent chance it was by an ally), or stunlocked (See one of my other posts). 90% of lengthy combats go like this.

    Player 1: Swing!
    Player 2: Block!
    Player 2: Swing!
    Player 1: Block!

    …The block system is still glitchy. You can sometimes get stabbed through the front of a shield, while also blocking attacks from behind. And the fact a hunting knife can parry a maul is head scratching at best, but this is downright boring.

    You can do this basically infinitely, and if you use shields feints go out the window. Not that most people bother with feints, or that waiting past the feint point is an issue with most weapons. This is… well… about as dull as sword fighting can get. And it’s a shame, because when it doesn’t happen it’s quite visceral and fun. Unfortunately fun takes a back seat to “effective”.

  • Play with non-noobs, then.

  • The combat depends on you. You can swing, block only, or you can crouch, jump, strafe, kick, feint and etc…

  • says the one who has no head hahaha

  • Push Q
    It will change ur world

  • @snickers557:

    says the one who has no head hahaha

    Seriously, you’re a complete dick. If you’re just going to insult people, then get the hell off the forums.

  • Or you run out of stam blocking but so your oppoent can just jam LMB over and over while your recoil after blocking over and over untill you get hit…

    Well, Q is fucking the worst mechanic ever and I feel like a douche using it, you can always just use movement to doge and attack and counter, but thats finicky with lag

  • A lot of the advanced tricks are primarily useful against advanced players.

    The first game changer is learning how to duck, given how most third person players orient their camera…… Your first dozen ducks will work without fail.

    Then you will overestimate the ducking on its own and look up when you duck, eliminating the advantage to ducking.

    Then you will probably learn to feint.

    Then you will learn exactly why those early ducks worked (You went into them looking down, making you about as tall as a cardboard box, As opposed to looking up when you duck and staying roughly as tall as you were before with a more exposed neck.)

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