How is the Intel i3 2120 for this game?

  • Does anyone play with an intel i3 2120, (or 2000, 2105, 3220, etc.) and can tell me how the performance frame rates are during online multiplayer, especially during larger battles? I’m thinking of getting a intel i3 2100 and a Radeon 7770. I’m a little nervous about how the processors going to do because the game recommends quad core, but I really want some experience from those who actually have the processor. Thanks

  • Its a great processor! My brother has that processor with his GTX 660ti. The thing never bottlenecks him. He can max out BF3, PlanetSide2, Metro, and this game. The cpu is never what limits his FPS. The virtual cores which simulate a quad core makes this little guy a gaming powerhouse for the budget build.

    i3-3220 I speak of

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