Server problem for a lot of people

  • Hi guys well people are having problems with the servers and i think it is kind of bad to have server problems like no servers popping up and it is a known bug and it needs to be fixed in a update please help them here is what people are having problems with help me whenever i try to find a multiplayer server on chivalry it wont load any. Here is another quote from steam I cant play neither. I always have a empty server list. This game is awesome but they should hurry up fixing critical bugs. Here is another quote from steam i think everyone is having this problem. You guys might be losing money here is a very very very critical quote from steam i know right ive already tried the fixes and it dont work if this continues im going to get my money back for the game and buy a game where i can do multiplayer fights. That is most of the quotes from steam my whole point is please please fix this bug i understand bugs in game play is not bad but a game that is only multiplayer with servers that dont work is very bad for the game i think you guys are losing money due to people trying to get there money back and i really really want to see this game to succeed that is why i am reporting this critical bug so fix this bug right away and report this the game developer pronto.

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