This must be fixed

  • Interesting game but…

    • Nvidia 3d Vision is not supported properly. Shadows and water don’t render properly. Once you have played in 3D you never play in 2D, so please, fix it.
    • Observer camera burn my eyes.
    • HUD elements really ugly. Every letter shown in the screen is ugly.
    • Player design looks like a TOY. Arcade animations. Always running, very stressful.
    • Design of some maps is poor. There are two great maps.
    • NO Directx 11 support.
    • Very hardware demanding acording with what offers.

  • Please keep in mind that Torn Banner is a very small team with only 2-ish programmers. They are currently tasked with higher priority bugs that affect a larger player base.

  • Then you insinuate that this game has merit but can’t be a great game?

  • I think it’s a great game. 369 hours and counting.

    I’m not sure about some of your comments though, but some of the things like the specatator mode/free cam will be fixed in the patch.

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