• So I was wondering if someone could recommend a good recording and a good editing program for making videos. I am trying out Fraps and am messing around with Windows Movie Maker, but WMM seems to make my videos lag for some reason.

  • Fraps is good, but try Sony Vegas for editing.

  • FRAPS is an excellent and simple piece of capturing software for PC I found personally though at times I feel that it does take up a load on my computer and drag it down. But it still works and I just tone down the graphics a little sadly.

    In my experience, Windows Movie Maker doesn’t feel as powerful as a few other ones out there and at times quite clunky (i.e slow and long import of media etc.) I use Sony Vegas as suggested by Rauno albietly very basically, is still quite easy to pick up and I personally found it much more flexible with the options provided especially choosing how you want to render your project and panning frames etc.

    Other’s I have tried include iMovie (if you have a Mac) or Pinnacle (unless its called something else now!)

  • :jrazz: Windows Movie Maker… It gets the job done but not without constant problems, least from my experience.

    I second Sony Vegas, good piece of software.

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