Why does your crappy server browser always lie to me?

  • Please answer me this Torn Banner devs: why is your server browser incapable of telling me the truth? First it lies about how many people are actually in the server. Then it lies about what my ping is in regards to the server. Above 100 ping isn’t playable and I don’t waste my time on 100+ ping servers, so why must your f*ing server browser constantly lie to me and tell me that I am joining a server with less than 60 ping when it really is 120+ ping!!? FIX YOUR FING SERVER BROWSER!!!

  • A lot of new things have been added that hopefully fixed the issues that are occurring.

    It’s been implemented in the beta patch, so keeping an eye on it to see if the counts are indeed accurate. So unfortunately, changes won’t be made until the content patch is live (later this month).

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