Chivalry allows client-side cheating

  • Chivalry allows client-side cheating by:

    -Injecting whatever process I want to
    -Using that process to modify things in Chivalry while I’m playing
    -Having those modifications affect other players indirectly

    It seems like the server doesn’t do any enforcement of rules, so modifications on the client side are carried to the server, and affect other players. So far, through the client, I’ve been able to:

    -Increase my speed
    -Modify the amount of ammo available on the current weapon

    Regardless of my local server settings, I’m unable to stop this from happening. I’m unsure of online settings, but seeing a few people with similar effects to the above, I can guess that it works with online servers.

  • Speed hacking is being addressed in the next patch. Not sure about memory hacking ammo.

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