Instant attack/parry Bug

  • I just noticed it with a recent game where a player named woonancy or woonacy or whatever his name, was able to instant attack and parry. It was pretty obvious because he singlehandedly killed everyone in a 3vs1 he had axes in his head, the strongest crossbow bolt in the head and everyone was hitting him till he was completely red and yet he doesn’t die altogether and was able to kill everyone.

    he didn’t have any animation after his follow-up attack and it instantly shows only the ending of it and he was able to parry 360 degrees despite being surrounded in a 3vs 1 fight and was able to sprint attack with instant stabs and instant overheads while keeping his sprint in motion.

    Another obvious thing was when i kicked the guy repeatedly to a wall the guy was still able to windup attacks in another 3 vs 1 encounter and it never stunned or fazes the guy and again he kills everyone

    This was a 3 vs 3 game and his 2 teammates were inexperienced and had barely had 3-6 kills in the late game and were killed easily making us able to constantly gang up on this hacker or bug exploit player. While my team steam rolled through the majority of the game

    Everyone pings was normal throughout the game so I don’t think it was lag.

    Dunno if its a bug or something but I hope the people from Torn Banner would check it out to see if its a bug/or exploit of some kind because I really enjoy the game and this is the first time I encountered this type of player. Thanks

  • Sounds like a hacker. Either grab one of us moderators from the Chivalry Moderator Steam Group or record a video of it and post a link to his/her Steam profile page.

    The next patch has improved anti-hacking measures. :)

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