This man, Why does Malrik hate him so?

  • So, I joined the beta……
    And rolled into a game of citadel, and all the sudden, I noticed that all the spikes had the same head on them…

    So, I thought about it for a second, and I noticed that these faces all looked familiar to me somehow… Like I had seen them some place other then chivalry…

    Then it came to me.

    EVERY SINGLE man who Malrik has impaled, was the youtuber Tobuscus.

    The resemblance is so uncanny!
    This is unrefutable proof that these dead heads are fallen Midieval clones of Tobuscus!

    So…. This raises the question…
    Why does Malrik hate Tobuscus so much.
    I mean, certainly, he has sold out a little, but his older works certainly had some merit.

    How an evil overlord can hold so much malice to a single internet moneymaker is beyond me…

    Also. Where are the torsos from? Are they from Tobuscus? Or was Malrik in the process of making a Franken Youtuber?!?!

    Surely, This is something that makes quite an interesting part of the chivalry lore, Hopefully, someone from the dev team can help explain the story behind this.

    What is the relationship between Malrik and Tobuscus? How did they meet? What on earth did Toby do to get such a horrible treatment?
    Will there be a Tobuscus story DLC in the near future?

  • :D haha … had a good laugh … good observations…

  • Tobuscus DLC confirmed, will feature diamond swords for all classes.

  • “Fight for Malric, fight for freedom!”

  • I like how there’s a censor bar over the statues crotch area. Stone Boner

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