[MAP] Griefing Battlegrounds - Mason

  • A few tips on how to really piss off Agathians using archer…

    Step 1: Be an archer.
    You’re already most of the way to being a thorn in Agatha’s side just by selecting archer!

    Step 2: Use the Bushes!
    Bushes are wonderful cover. They keep you hidden for your covert mission!

    Step 3: Prepare For Melee. Always.
    You’ll pretty much be smashing a hornet nest with a ball bat by spawn camping, so make sure you’re always ready for that guy who has had enough torment to come after you!

    Step 4: Get Rid of Your Pavise Shield!
    This thing is huge. Not good for being stealthy! Drop it in spawn or something before embarking on your mission…

    Step 5: The Long Road
    Going the long way around usually means you won’t be spotted as easily. Make sure to avoid being spotted before you get to your bushes!

    Step 6: Look Up!
    When reloading a crossbow, you can look at the sky then press reload button and you will face forward rather than at the ground! This can be great for watching for enemies!

    Step 7: Change Spots
    Sometimes, it’s a good idea to change to another location in order to not be discovered. This is especially true after getting a couple kills and raising awareness of the enemy… Always be careful moving spots!

    Step 8: Stopping Power
    The reason I use heavy crossbow is the sheer power of the thing. If you hit a person with it, they don’t usually look around to find where it came from because they are usually one shotted. This gives you time to either reload, move, or change to melee… Watch out during the next respawn, they might be looking for you!

    Here is a short video demonstrating a few spots and also some kills. Enjoy!

  • I never play as archer. …But that was fucking legit. 8-)

  • I used to never play archer, but it does help change things up a bit from my maul crushing. Besides, would pay off to get good with heavy crossbow, from what I have heard, it’ll be able to one shot knights sometime soon…

  • I prefer the Warbow… I wish I could one shot knights. :(

  • @Prof.Wubba:

    I prefer the Warbow… I wish I could one shot knights. :(

    Warbow is getting a damage nerf from what I understand.

    Edit: Or maybe it was warbow using bodkins only… Not sure.

  • Really? This is disappointing.

  • Yeah, I think the reasoning is that it’s high damage and a faster reload than crossbows… Warbow should be a bit less damaging than crossbow and way less than heavy xbow imo. I am pretty excited about the buff to heavy crossbow and am going to practice more with it and hopefully be a real annoying archer :lol:

  • @Slaughtervomit:

    Step 1: Be an archer.

    The codex astartes does not support this action

  • … so basically, do all the things a good sniper would do?

  • @Darlos9D:

    … so basically, do all the things a good sniper would do?

    Well, yeah. That’s exactly what I’m saying. But you do it right around the enemy spawn point, so they spawn then die again shortly after and rage. In my video, i couldn’t get a close up, but a guy says “one shot again. worst game ever” I lolled

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