Why do I keep lagging?

  • I spend majority of my games on 400 - 988 latency and no matter what I end up DCing because of lag; this is not my internet but I’m not sure I can play Guild Wars 2 (which is more bandwidth demanding fine, Black Ops 2 fine, any other game fine, but Chivalry it used to be fine, but now it’s just like this, constantly: http://gyazo.com/c4155ac73b9e91388676486e352686b7

    As soon as I get in game within minutes I spike to 988 and then Disconnect. I have contacted my ISP and it’s something on your end.

    Seems as if I have the same issue (just a little different) as this guy: viewtopic.php?f=69&t=6222
    Sad to see his wasn’t handled or fixed, hope mine doesn’t get the same treatment.

  • Does deleting the Chivalry folder in Documents\My Games and reinstalling the game help any?

  • Tried all that before posting, I even dared to sit on the phone talking to robots for 45+ Minutes just to be told it’s not my ISP’s fault.

  • Is your router running the latest firmware for it? Does your computer have the latest LAN/Network drivers?

  • It sure does, I’m not sure why but it’s only Chivalry.

  • The main issue is, I’m getting kicked from every server because of this, even though half the time I do fine it’s the fact I’m jumping around and people die to it they get butthurt and kick me for the reason “latency” even though I’m 5/0.

    I was fine before the first patch and then it just keeps happening, this is so aggravating, it’s not even funny.

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