Anti-cheat Measures

  • What are we looking at for hacker-be-gone software? This is where a lot of games fail, so what’s the word? I haven’t seen a topic on this so I thought I’d ask.

  • Hopefully since it’s on Steam with a common engine of many Steam games it can just use VAC, but I have no idea how these things work, so.

  • I thought it might but since it isn’t using the source engine I wasn’t sure. I wish the dev’s would drop in for a cameo.

  • Better VAC than nothing , but is it a good solution if there is choice , nowadays almost none cares about competivity just shiny photorealistic animated artwork with low level of interaction ….
    On other hand , developing & supporting AntiCheat can be resource consuming times more than the game itself .

    Can tell you what few things other indipendent title 's devs are doing & planing for their future anticheat system .

    For example will include and log in the game with password & protection of nick (3 nicks per account , 1 default - the first one , the one you log in with , after there is optional if you wish to add 2 more reserved to you only ) .
    And they will make it 2 component - where 1 component is human factor (admin) .

    Or maybe should give link to TornBanner developer/s as PM ?

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