Getting rocked!

  • IMO when you get hit in the head and only the head in this game by a weapon of certain power relative to your class, if it does not kill you, it should at least “rock” you to some degree… slightly impaired vision, deafening audio and ears ringing for a few moments.

    I’m not sure if or how it could be implemented.

    It would not slow you down or prevent you from parrying, just affects vision and sound momentarily.

    The other thing to consider is sharp knife edge of a sword hitting your head and not killing you vs a hammer or other blunt instrument and also what the weapon hits - bare head, helmet, etc…

    Getting sliced in the face may not rock you… but getting hit in the helmet with a 2 handed sharp sword would feel like getting hit by a hammer…

    Also taking a broadsword to the face or head, if it is a piercing or slashing attack - you may not get rocked, but your body would DO SOMETHING, some kind of gasp or shock from what has now nearly killed you.

  • As a MAA I would like to point out that when I get hit in the head I generally die.

  • I don’t like this. It’s been suggested before, and the general consensus was that it would be too annoying.

    Fun > Realism

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