• How on earth can you as a developer have people named like the name in the title?
    There are more names in this game like the name above, how about Fabulous fucking kenny.
    I can go on and on but what is the point. And dont ask me to come tell someone who thinks they are important. You sold it, you police it.

    Unbelievable what people say in this game, what they name there characters and the lack of moderating or any other higher power to enforce anything. If I had to rate this it would be MA-21.

    Because of the lack of enforcement you have created the worst gaming community I have ever played in. Do something, do anything, but please stop doing nothing!

  • huh… aah aah a ha hhaa hah Hah HA ha HAH a HAH HAHA AHAHHAHAHA HA HAH A HA HAHA

    Nice try man, get your trolling ass outta here before you start a flamewar. :|

  • It is not the responsibility of the developers, or the moderators, to police or enforce anything in game. If you want policed servers, you can join community owned servers. People can name themselves whatever they like otherwise.

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