New Mechanic - Presenting Weapon

  • The basic idea of this is to be able to simply hold your weapon at the ready in front of you.

    Mechanically what would happen is there would just be a collision box around the weapon which would prevent movement past though could get you hung up at the same time, also possibly causing damage if someone sprinted into it. For the user it could be initiated by being the alternate to parry, similarly how the alternate swings are being implemented. Then it would be cancelled by attacking, parrying again, or sprinting. Also would prevent stamina regen while maintaining the stance.

    To counter this the weapon could be knocked out of the way by hitting it with your weapon or a shield bash.

  • This has already been suggested a few times. I don’t like the idea of it passively dealing damage, but otherwise, maybe? :?

  • Ah, I hadn’t noticed it been suggested before at all, at least not in its own topic. And I’m not saying much damage, somewhere around 5 maybe if the weapon was pointed and you would of had to sprint into it.

    I just think it’d bring some new dynamic to combat giving spears/polearms a new defencive ability and mid length weapons being rather good at smacking them aside, just as one example.

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