Respawn waves

  • My solution: Don’t die.

    My other solution: This isn’t a problem though is a little upsetting to be on the receiving end of 8, 15 second respawns.

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    @Sir LMBalot:

    I think there needs to be a minimum time that all players must wait after they die.
    It’s not fair that a teammate A who dies X seconds before teammate B me gets to respawn instantly because he was lucky enough to have died in time for the next wave and teammate B has to wait for the next wave 10+ seconds to come back.

    It is fair because it averages out over time.

    Not really, it’s still unnecessarily random.
    Under the right circumstances, a person can consistently respawn instantly if he dies at the right time - obviously this isn’t something people can plan for and it rarely happens but its still something that should be changed to enforce consistency for everyone.
    I’ve had games where I’ve spent most of my deaths experiencing the full wait and then maybe get an instant respawn once or twice.

    It can also impact gameplay in objective servers because of a few defenders getting a quick respawn and back into the fray with no penalty for having died.

    Exactly because its random I am pretty sure you could observe it as fitting the model of a Poisson process. Which means it would only average out around 40 deaths or more. Which would mean multiple games. Sure within one game you could get lucky or unlucky.

    But I would still rather see the team spawn together, especially in those games where a few people are camping the spawn…

  • Technically, the only thing that happens is that there are more respawn waves and your spawn time is never less than 5 (or whatever) seconds. More respawn waves means less powerful waves too.

    I don’t know, I like the current system of spawning with a ton of people, but don’t like the lucky insta-respawns

  • Respawn times are fine.

  • Well… wave respawn works like a charm on Red Orchestra 2…

  • I don’t think insta-respawn would go amiss… Or maybe five seconds for everyone

  • I’m fine with wave respawns, I just wish you could change your loadout or class after dying without having to risk getting skipped while in the menu and waiting an extra 15 seconds with an invisible timer. This can be avoided by waiting to get spawned and changing your stuff in the spawn area, but it’s such a waste of time.

  • The current respawn wave timer is probably set that way to encourage people to go as a group rather than go one by one towards their deaths. It’s easier to wait for another respawn wave and go with those who’ve spawned rather than wait for an unknown amount of people who’d spawn depending on when they’ve died. I think it’s better the way it’s now.

  • The whole point of wave respawns is to have waves, because it passively organizes the team into some semblance of cohesion. There’s already too much of a “constant flow” with idiots running in solo to fight 6 guys on the objective instead of attacking with their teammates.

    Your proposed changes would exacerbate that, though a minimum five-second respawn time would be nice. The same kind of bullshit happens with other spawn-timers, like in SWTOR (not a great example, but same exact situation so hey). If you’re unlucky and miss the spawn door opening, your whole or most of your team could be stuck waiting for 15+ seconds, which is basically a “give up the objective to the enemy” timer and based completely on luck regarding when people died. At least it’s not as bad here, because the timer is invisible, but since it was a physical door in SWTOR, the other team could actually try and time their kills with when the door was going to go up and thereby trap you in spawn for the maximum time.

  • The way they have done it now forces teamwork to a certain extent, and that is valuable in TO matches where your enemies have set up a full on defensive line close to the completion of the objective and rather than mindlessly get mowed down 1 by 1 by archers and ranged weapons you can overwhelm them with sufficient numbers.

    Like mentioned, over time the respawn time should average out, and I’ve not experienced any issue with this at all, most of the time I do end up spawning around 6-10 seconds, rarely do I insta respawn or have to wait 15s.

    What would be game breaking for pubs is removing this system and allowing fixed respawn timers per individual rather than waves - attacking sides would almost never win unless completely outmatched in skill or more coordinated once the defending team has established a strong supporting firing line. I find it quite amusing when knights come in 1 by 1 to get mowed down by 3 immediate arrows to the chest.

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