Beware, Chivalry Trolls

  • by the name of RAMRODICUS, and Numb Digger.
    I’m not sure if this really belongs in support or suggestions as I simply want to spread awareness of honorless trolls.

    They were in the same server I was playing in, I had no TKs, yet they gang up and lie about players and votekick them. Obviously almost none of the votekicks pass, but enough did to where it was an annoyance…It would be nice to have some protection against one player votekicking the same person over and over again.
    (I bet if he saw this message he would just post claiming i’m a TKer over and over again)

    other server members were defending me in claiming my innocence, and all the while the votekick spammer RAMRODICUS was TKing me multiple times and calling me a TKer with his lackey ‘Numb Digger’.

    I wouldn’t bring this up on forums if it wasn’t worth mentioning…chivalry trolls are rampant, and I’m just another victim of annoying trolls.

    I have reported RAMRODICUS on steam and suggest you all do the same if you see him behaving in a foul and childish manner again.

  • I don’t think you’re supposed to actually call people out on the forums about stuff like that… If they’re being like that, bring in a mod from the Mod Steam group or change servers. Coming to the forums and calling out names isn’t going to make the situation any better. Official servers are the best way to go if you want a clean game. If something isn’t right, take it to the mods. If it’s private servers, it’s up to the host(s) to provide administration.

  • we can’t always exactly bring in a mod on call now can we though?

    This is mostly just to let people be aware of these trolls in case they encounter them…also to bring up that perhaps one player should not be able to repeatedly vote-kick the same person.

  • YOu did the right thing saying it here.

    The steam mod group is a rapid response team. They will join you and see to it something is done.

    They only have powers on official or multiplay servers though.

  • The forums are not a place for calling out people.


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