Discussion for future updates or next game.

  • I love the game. However, I personally think adding a map creator to the game would be an awesome touch. Also adding flails, Pikes, etc. And possibly making a fantasy version of the game. Or just adding magic casters of some sort to the actual game. Just ideas. Please. Discuss.

  • I also think a boss fight level would be cool. A random person in the game is selected as a boss (giant or whatever else) and depending on the number of people playing makes his strength. So it could be like 20 on 1 but the giant is OP. Stuff like that.

  • You can use the UDK to make a map right now. Then when they release modding tools you already have a map and you just need to add the chivalry things in it.

  • You can make the map via UDK, indeed.

    As for me. Chivalry being released on Xbox 360 and PS3 would be awesome cause I currently can’t play until I get the money for a new computer OR Chivalry comes out for the Xbox 360… So… Ye’h. And with today’s economy, I highly doubt I will get a good enough computer soon… Especially after wasting money on a laptop that wasn’t even strong enough (Either lied to or Windows 8 is reading the processor wrong thinking it is a single)…

    From what I’ve seen on YouTube though, flails would be nice to have. Pikes too.

    I just got an amazing idea! They should totally make a jousting game as their next game! You know, you literally have to aim your lance while also using your shield to block the opponent’s hit! That sort of stuff! Would be fun as a small little game, if you ask me.

  • Hey guys, check out my post based on customization. Hope you like it.


    :P Incan

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