Testers needed to test config INI files

  • So I have been accused of speed hacking over the client side performance tweaks I have made to make this game playable on my system. I have posted all details of my computer and any and all changes I have made. I have also posted my UDKgame.ini UDKEngine.ini and the UDKsystemsettings.ini

    You can read the full thread here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8983

    These tweaks have made this game playable for me on my system. Please help me find what is giving me the slight speed boost. So that we can put this drama BS to rest.

    Downloads for testing…
    UDKsystemsettings.ini download/file.php?id=1516
    UDKgame.ini download/file.php?id=1515
    UDKengine.ini download/file.php?id=1514

    If you do test these make sure you back up all your default ini files. Please also report any and all benefits and side effects. If the INI files prove fruitless then go back to the original post and please test the optimizing programs I use.

  • Now I got a legit speedhack. Thank you.

  • So what effects did you achieve? Did you manage to get a speed boost, better FPS, what was the effects that you have found? Please post before and after FPS, speed observations or video. Or are you just trolling?

  • It’s feels like the game become a little bit faster. My fps rises up to about 120, but normally i have about 50-60. This affected the running speed and combo speed.

    My PC spec’s:
    i-7 3770T 2.5 Ghz, overclocked to 3.0 Ghz
    ASRock Z77
    32 GB of RAM
    GF GTX 670 with Virtu MVP driver

  • Cool, thanks for testing and glad you got some improvements. The real test is for actual speed vs perceived speed. What I mean by this is that having more FPS should make the game run more smooth giving the perception of speed.

    To test to see if you truly have a speed boost you will need to race someone across a map, Moore is great for this, with the same class and load out. If you truly have a character speed boost then, when you walk or sprint side by side, you should be dramatically pulling away from them. If this is the case, the next test is to have them sprint away first and see if you not only catch up to them but you will pass them and again you will be pulling away.

    In all of my test thus far, the speed boost is only an FPS/graphical/PC boost and not an actual character speed boost where you are out running and out swinging everyone around. If you can please test this. If you would like, you can come to the |Kila| Thunderdome server and test it with us.

    Thanks for your assistance and i hope that the config helps improve your PC.

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