What's wrong with the game

  • Everytime i play a server my character sits automatically when walking or sprinting.
    It will sit like you are pressing CTRL but I’m not pressing it…
    this happens in all servers and i’ve only had it the last 2 days.

  • Do you mean crouching?

    And have you got any gamepads plugged in, unplug them if so.

    Also check your Crouch key binding.

  • Does your computer act up by chance? Like while you are typing if you press “O” it opens the windows k. or N opens your network shortcuts? Or does it sometimes not even register your keystrokes and a bunch of windows pop up?

    If so, This may explain what you are experiencing.

    I would check hardware, it certainly isn’t software. If this happens to you, try hitting left CTRL and right CTRL a few times. If that does not fix it, try unplugging your keyboard while it is happening. it would rule out that your keyboard is the cause.

    If you are on a laptop, that’s a different story

  • im on a laptop and i havent had this problem in the past. Only recently…

  • Moved to Technical Support.

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