Balance Block Stamina Cost Suggestion

  • Make a block cost stamina proportional to the difference of base damage between the attacking and defending weapon.


    -blocking a maul (high damage) with a knife (low damage) would cost you lots of stamina
    -blocking a knife with a maul would cost little stamina (for the opposite reasons, of course)
    -blocking a knife with a knife or a maul with a maul would cost just as much as it costs now.

    I believe this is consistent with the lore (as well as basic physics), and would provide for a more realistic approach to archer melee combat, which I’ve seen people complain about. This way, a perma-blocking archer would more quickly run out of stamina and start losing, thus taxing passive play and forcing him to fight or die. Moreover, a man-at-arms would find it more desirable to use dodge, since it could actually cost less stamina than a block against a heavy weapon. Thirdly, knights would have an easier time when getting swarmed by 2 or 3 small weapons wielders. In the current state, they run out of stamina in a few seconds, which is unrealistic. From my perspective, it’s 3 birds with one stone, and it provides realistic, consistent balance.

    If this receives attention, I will consider putting forward a proposal model of the said calculations, also taking shields into consideration.

  • This is already (basically) how it works ;)

  • I’m sorry, it probably isn’t that pronounced, so I didn’t notice. If that’s so, then my proposal will turn into “strengthen the effect” :)

    I still feel that a maul-wielder spends a lot of inefficient stamina, while the defending opponent has it pretty easy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a maul fan, nor an “omg nerf archer melee” proponent.

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