Class Training

  • Greetings All,
    Just bought the game tonight and I am trying to run through training. Everytime I got to Class Training nothing works. I approach a character and I am prompted to press the e to begin but nothing happens to I tap/hold/etc the letter e. As you can see, my e key works just fine so I am wondering what is wrong with the game? Thanks for any help and cheers

  • From my experience, the tutorial is incredibly buggy, which is kind of an unfortunate way to greet a new player. If this is happening, then there likely isn’t much you can do. Just leap straight into multi and hope for the best.

    If you really feel like you want some knowledge before heading into the fray, I recommend watching these two videos:

    There’s also a guide section on the forums:

    If you’re concerned about missing out on the tutorial achievements then fear not, for they too are bugged to hell, meaning you couldn’t get them anyway.

  • Moving to Bug Reports Forum.

    Try the ‘I’ key. The last patch seems to mistakenly changed the default use key to ‘I’ instead of ‘E’ like it was originally.

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