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  • This will just be a vague, rough idea for a gamemode that is a possibility - it hasn’t really been thought through too much with regards to balancing as I have no idea how balanced the classes are as I haven’t played this game at all. Regardless, here I go:
    This will be some sort of ambush idea - you have a road, going through a forest.Team A is going along the road, when they are ambushed by Team B, who are hiding in the forest. I can think of two variations of this from hereon. First, you have Team A attempting to get to the end of the map, where perhaps the forest finishes and so it would be easier to defend against. Or, they have to hold in position for a certain amount of time, with one life, until reinforcements arrive,

    Idea one: Team A, being ambushed, will be formed of knights and men-at-arms/vanguards. Team B will, as they are ambushing, be denied access to vanguards and knights, only being permitted archers and men-at-arms - it’s hard to perform an ambush if everytime a knight moves the clinking of his armour can be heard a mile away. Perhaps Team A are only permitted one spawn, and so the emphasis is on sticking together and reducing casualties, by forming a shield wall with their tower shields. Team B will try to pick off individuals and split up the formations - the map shouldn’t be too big, otherwise Team A wouldn’t have a chance.

    Idea two: Both teams will have the same unit consistency as the previous idea. However, perhaps instead of a supply column as it could be in the first idea, it is the vanguard of an army being ambushed. After being ambushed, Team A will have one life, having to hold position until the main force arrives to drive these pests attacking them away. The ambush would be similar, but instead Team A should hold position, for say 5 minutes (these numbers are random estimations - I have no idea how long it should be - as I said I haven’t played this game at all) until the main army arrives. This gamemode might only be plausible once cavalry is introduced - the main army would consist of cavalry and try to wipe out all the light troops, though if the ambushers use the forest to their advantage, they could be in with a chance of surviving. Two spawns for each side - ambushers can have theirs whenever, though all dead ambushees(?) must wait until the cavalry arrives to spawn in.

    These ideas are just rough drafts - I have no idea what is achievable with the UDK and how plausible it is to have these features. Nor do I know how balanced this is and how well it will play - I can not iterate enough that this is just an idea, to be expanded on and developed by those that know what they are doing.

    Thanks to Phlint95 for instilling me with the idea to use colours to differentiate the teams, and for a vague idea for coming up with a gamemode.

    Regards, a newbie, Yorker

  • Did I post this in the wrong place?

  • Nah this is the right spot, though it seems to be the least visited section.

    Back to OP though. I actually like this idea. Though parts of this idea and parts of mine will already be present in the original game, the core game modes we have suggested might not. To be honest this is a great idea if it is executed properly. The maps shape and size will have a major/direct impact on how it plays out. Looking over your info , I predict these games will be rather quick with that “rush feeling”. The feeling that this epic little fight could go either way. Both teams must be coordinated and decisive to pull off a win. These maps will have certain forks in the road to make the play through different and more “colorful” each time.

    As for the realism aspect, there are several things that come to mind. Maybe Team A is a small scouting expedition and they have just witnessed Team B’s Massive assault force. Team B Sends a tactical band of skilled warriors to dispatch them before they make the trek back to their Main camp to warn the others.

    It could be very movie like. It could incorporate some great mechanics.
    For instance , team A is rushing through the woods trying to find a way home. Throughout the Map there are a plethora of switched and traps that Team A could set behind them so that Team B would have to attack from a longer route. This would give team A some down/rest time because of there 1 life per person.

    Also thanks for the mentioning of my post. I think everyone with ideas such as these should really take the time to include things such as color coding to make it much more immersive and understandable. In-depth ideas such as these allow a community to try new things and grow closer together.

    Phlint :longb:

  • Wow, what an amazing response and what a great bunch of ideas! They all sound great and add that little bit more depth! There’s not really much more I can add to that, so all I can say is thanks and I hope this sub-section gets a bit more attention!

  • I think both these ideas really, really good. I would love this game mode if it were on. I’m not sure if anyone knows about Ranger’s Apprentice but it’s a book series that really got me into medieval movies and games. I would love the idea of hiding in a forest and picking off knights with a powerful longbow. Great ideas, keep it up.

  • I think it’s a great idea, but just one thing to point out; cavalry is never going to be introduced.
    But since it doesn’t seem to rely too heavily on cavalry, I’m all for it!

  • Good Idea, but 1 life? Bad players would make this unbearable and the attackers would most likely always win without some sort of handicap

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